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1h 45m 1999 HD

Ver peppermint Cuevana3. Stefanos is a man at his 40's who has inherited a fortune from his mother's aunt. One day Manolis, his schoolmate, calls him and invites him to a party featuring an old friends' reunion. Surprised and delighted to hear his old friend's voice, Stefanos travels back in time, to his childhood and his youth, and remembers his extraordinary relationship with his cousin Marina, his best friend and first love. In a great long flashback, he remembers the utmost detail of his childhood, the family reunions, travels, acquaintances, and most importantly cousin Marina. By the coming of age, the dimension of the close friendship between Stefanos and Marina goes out of hand, and reaches its peak at a party when both are at their 20's. That party, that house, Marina... It won't be the last turn in Stefanos' life involving the very same trio...

Peppermint (1999)
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