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0h 35m 1991 HD

Ver nestrpnost Cuevana3. Based upon a novel by Lela B. Njatin, an extremely fragmented piece of narrative. The film retains all characteristics of the original text, introducing the fragmentary structure both in the video image and music score. The heroine experiences only fragments of events, she gets involved in meetings which start but never end, she has wishes which are outlined, but never consumed. In the video film, all these fleeting and intolerable moments, transvestism and changes of identities are indicated with layering of visual levels and mixing of different sounds: narrations in off, dialogues, noises, radio broadcast. The delusive and ungraspable images fluctuate between reality and dreams.

  • Género: Drama
  • País: Slovenia
  • Director: Neven Korda Andrič
  • Actores:
Nestrpnost (1991)
ver now
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